Aug 30, 13

TigerLily is one of Sydney’s hottest upcoming starlet DJs,

Fusing electro and techno with some popular vocals and a hit or two, all the while rocking her own unique and effortless style, Tigerlily is one to watch in the music and fashion scene.

Lights Fashion Music caught up with Tigerlily to talk about all things fashion and music. Here’s what she had to say…

1. Describe your fashion in three words.

Effortless, monochrome, and side-boob.

2. Describe your music in three words.

E D M*… Joking! Haha.

Electro-house, bangers and vocals.

3. How do your fashion and your music complement each other?

When I DJ I like to think of the set as a complete performance, not just another DJ set. I suppose I see myself as a performer and a package so fashion is a huge part of it all – as well as other things like stage presence, hair and makeup etc. My fashion and clothing definitely change to suit my mood and the different gigs I’m playing at.

4. Do you think you express yourself more through fashion or music?

Definitely more through music at the moment. I’m currently writing my first EP (single) and have some new originals being released soon. I also play guitar and piano and sing – these are definitely really expressive art forms for me. However delving into fashion down the line of my career is something I’ve always wanted to do, so you never know!

5. Do you change your look when you’re performing?

100%. Not many people think about this but the clothes that you DJ in need to be practical. I like to jump around a lot and get into the show. My favourite thing to wear to gigs is a loose singlet, leather tights and some big platform boots. Not to mention that nightclub wear is very different to festival attire or day parties! One day I would love to have more of a fashion or design element to my performance, maybe involving lighting or costume, but that is definitely something for the future. When I’m not performing I’m a little more lazy with my fashion and love the days when I can hang at my house in my leopard print PJs.

6. Who are your style icons?

I love everything about Rihanna. She is super sexy but maintains her tomboy, edgy look. However Katy Perry is by far my number one style icon. I love everything about her, she can do no wrong.

7. Who are your music idols?

Deadmau5, The Spice Girls and Michael Jackson

*That’s Electronic Dance Music – in case you’re not up to speed with the DJ lingo!


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