• Background Mixes

    Background Mixes

    Put your brand to the sound of a beat

  • Fashion Event Music

    Fashion Event Music

    Give fashion a soundtrack

  • Music Consultancy

    Music Consultancy

    Let your brand be heard

  • Music Brand Identity

    Music Brand Identity

    Bring your brand to life through music

  • Tailored Music Solutions

    Tailored Music Solutions

    Express yourself through sound

What we Offer?

Lights Fashion Music provides tailored music solutions for businesses with a focus on fashion.
Lights Fashion Music combines our musical expertise with our love for fashion and innovation.

Combining our extensive experience in the music industry with our love for fashion, we have created Lights Fashion Music – a place where we give fashion a beat.

We have an extensive musical background, with expert technical knowledge and skills in music selection, creating playlists, mixing and production – making us the ideal partner to bring your brand to life through music.

We understand that all brands are different so we will work with you to establish your musical identity, taking into account your customer base and business objectives and tailoring a solution to suit.

Our Products / Services include:

Fashion show soundtracks

Lights Fashion Music specialises in music solutions for fashion shows.

  • We will work with you to source and mix music suitable for your brand, your collection and the theme of your show.


Retail soundtracks

Lights Fashion Music creates soundtracks for retail outlets.

  • We will help you create a holistic experience of sight and sound in your store that appeals to your customers and reflects your brand.


Event music

Lights Fashion Music provides live music solutions.

  • With connections to some of the country’s biggest artists, we will set the rhythm of your next big event.


Music production

Lights Fashion Music is Australia’s leading expert in unique music production solutions.

  • With extensive experience in music production and and an impressive network in the Australian music industry, we will create a fresh new sound that makes the world stop and listen.


Music Production
Music Mixing
Track Sourcing & Selection
Multimedia Production


Fashion is our visual identity
Music is the soundtrack to our lives



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